Are your teeth infected? We are here to fix them for you.

With our professional and quick root canal treatment in Lahore, we help you save your teeth before it is too late. Our team of specialists at Cantt Dental Care is always available to help you around the clock.

We aim to preserve and take care of your smile to the best. We have vast experience in root canal treatment, along with a wide clientele base of satisfied patients.

You can rely upon us for the best root canal and crown cost along with an amazing experience.

We ensure no more tooth pain while we restore the natural excellence of your smile and teeth.

We Promise you the Best

With us, the brilliance of your teeth is restored with absolutely no trace of infection left. At Cantt Dental Care, you avail the best root canal treatment in Lahore, along with the promise of…

  • No more pain and toothaches
  • We try our best to keep your natural teeth in their best shape
  • Stop the spread of infection instantly
  • A confident and natural smile

It is time to book your appointment with our dentists right now.

Do you need a Root Canal?

Do you need a dental crown in Lahore? Do you have to go through root canal treatment?

The dentist is the only person who can help you identify this. Our team diagnoses the issue for you and then states the accurate treatment accordingly.

However, you need a root canal when the nerve supply of the tooth is damaged. This usually happens due to an infection or decay. The pulp of the tooth can get infected which requires instant root canal treatment.

We always recommend our patient’s Dental crown price in Lahore get down with the root canal as soon as the infection is identified by our team. It is not advised to delay the situation as it can get worse with time.

Root Canal Treatment in Lahore

Experienced team of doctors

Our doctors who will do your root canal are years of practical experience in the field. They have a broad range of skillset that are relevant to the field. Our doctors are the ones that are unmatched in their excellence. When you come to us for your root canal you can rely on us to handle your case with utmost care and diligence. We offer you nothing but the best treatment.

No Pain and No Stress

With Cantt Dental Care, we promise you a no pain and no stress experience. We have been working for years to bring an amazing experience to all our patients.

No matter how badly your tooth is infected; our team can manage it for you, without any trouble. We make sure to help you instantly. With our incredibly skilful team and affordable root canal cost; you have absolutely nothing to stress about.

The Best Price in Lahore

We are offering the best and most budget-friendly root canals cost in Lahore. Our team has strategically planned the prices, to ensure that we are easy for our patients to approach.

Dental hygiene and care are very crucial. And if it is out of reach for the majority, people won’t be able to pay attention to it. Thus, we have carefully curated a price package that is hard to beat. With our unrivalled root canal treatment cost, we bring the best for everyone.

Furthermore, each patient has a different situation that needs to be treated. Thus, we cannot have fixed root canal and crown costs.

Let us examine you and we will quote a root canal treatment cost accordingly.

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We are accessible via call and email too. You can also visit us directly. Our team is fully vaccinated and we are strictly following all safety measures to ensure a wonderful and secure experience for our patients.

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