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Orthodontic Treatment

History of Dental Braces

Archaeological findings in numerous regions in the world especially Egypt have revealed several mummified bodies with metal attachments in their mouth and on their teeth. Although designed crudely, they function somewhat like present-day dental braces. History and archaeology are littered with evidence proving that our ancestors tried their hands at orthodontics but real development began in the late 1800s when dentists started developing ways for treating “malocclusion”.

Malocclusion refers to the misalignment of your teeth especially when you close your jaws. More clearly defined, it is a misalignment of your lower and upper dental arches when the jawbone is shut. Malocclusion can lead to several issues such as improper chewing, orbiting, and improper digestion. Perhaps the greatest problem that people with malocclusion face is their appearance which in turn can affect their confidence and personality.

Malocclusion Symptoms

Malocclusion can vary from minor cases to severe ones prompting the need for orthodontic treatment. Usually following are the symptoms of malocclusion.

  • Your teeth do not align properly when you close your jaw.
  • Facial changes that seem like disfiguration.
  • Frequent tongue and inner cheek biting
  • Uncomfortable chewing or biting
  • Speech changes such as a lisp

Orthodontic specialists will perform a series of treatments including teeth alignment without braces, teeth grinding, tooth extraction, etc. These treatments are done for:

  • Closing or reducing wide gaps between teeth
  • Alignment of teeth tips
  • Straightening of crooked teeth
  • Improving chewing ability and speech
  • Prevention of wear and tear
  • Treatment of improper bite

Benefits of getting braces

Some of the benefits of braces include:

  • Braces can help you in straightening your teeth which will result in a better appearance.
  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improve your chewing ability and therefore your digestion.
  • Help you improve your speech.
  • Prevent any discomfort or injuries that teeth misalignment can cause.
  • Prevention of cavities
Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Braces:

An effective answer to malocclusion

Various materials in history have been utilized for the preparation of teeth braces. These include gold wires, silver wires, and braces prepared from platinum, steel, vulcanite, ivory, and even wood. The 21st century has however brought with it many blessings to the field of orthodontics. The primary types of braces which orthodontic specialists now use include:

  • Ceramic braces
  • Self-ligating braces
  • Lingual braces
  • Metal braces
  • Invisalign or clear aligners
  • Invisible braces
  • Damon Braces

Ceramic Braces:

Ceramic braces are also called clear braces. They are usually made from polycrystalline alumina and match the natural colour of teeth. There is no difference in function as compared to other braces but ceramic braces offer a less visible option to people who are conscious of their appearance. Although a more discreet option is Invisalign or invisible braces, some people don’t seem to be comfortable with them and this is why they choose ceramic braces. They require relatively more care than metal braces because they can get stained depending on your eating habits. They are slightly bigger than their metal counterparts and some varieties can be more expensive than metal braces. They are however a popular choice among young people and this is why they remain a permanent part of an orthodontics’ inventory.

Self-ligating Braces:

The function of Self-ligating braces is the same as ceramic or metal braces. They can be prepared with both metals as well as ceramics. They also include wires and braces for moving the teeth. However, unlike metal or ceramic braces, they use clips or doors instead of elastic ties for keeping the wire in its place. They are easy to adjust which reduces your trips to the orthodontic therapist. They are relatively suitable for people who are highly sensitive to any form of discomfort, people who have developmental delays, and people who find it excruciating to sit in the patient’s chair for hours. It is also relatively easier to keep your teeth and braces clean if you are using self-litigating braces. They however are visible as well as relatively expensive than ceramic or metal braces.

Lingual Braces:

Lingual braces or invisible braces are considered to be one of the most highly specialized braces. They also happen to be the least common teeth braces. They are fixed behind the teeth and require advanced orthodontic skills. These braces offer several advantages that are unmatched by other braces. They are completely invisible and can be fully customized to meet anyone’s teeth. They are also more efficient and comfortable. They are highly suitable for people who are sensitive about the way they look as well as those who have complicated dental issues. However, some people may complain about changes in their speech quality as they develop a lisp. These symptoms have been found at the early stages of fixation and are eliminated within a few weeks.

Metal braces:

Metal braces also known as traditional braces are among the most commonly used braces around the world. They have been in use for the last hundred years and remain one of the primary choices of people suffering from malocclusion. One of the reasons for this is that metal braces cost remains the most affordable option for a majority of people.

They are typically used for treating malocclusion in adolescent and child patients. The braces are applied to the patient’s teeth and a wire is used for connecting them. Elastic ties are used for tying the braces which are available in several colours. Once fixed, the orthodontic therapist will make adjustments every four to eight weeks to ensure the braces are doing their intended job. Metal braces are usually fixed braces and this is why they are the primary choice for children. Parents do not have to worry if their child will take them off and remember to wear them again. They require extra care. It is imperative to maintain oral hygiene if metal braces are used. Metal braces are also the most noticeable type of teeth braces and may not be suitable for people who are conscious about the way they look. When it comes to teeth braces cost, metal braces are the cheapest. Children might find it difficult to move their jaw with metal braces, however, this issue has been resolved somewhat by employing heat-activated archwires. These archwires utilize the patient’s body heath for permitting easier teeth movement and relatively less discomfort.

Invisalign and Clear Aligners:

The popularity of clear aligners and Invisalign has increased substantially in the last few years. Clear aligners primarily became popular because of the brand Invisalign which introduced them in the 2000s. The fame made Invisalign a generic name for clear aligners. These are transparent, removable, easy to brush, easy to floss, and require less frequent visits to the orthodontic specialist. They are also a more effective orthodontic treatment in Lahore for some dental issues compared to other types of braces.

Invisalign is highly suitable for people who have used braces in their younger years and now require only a final touch. They are also suitable for patients who have a mild dental problem. They are not advisable for complicated or severe malocclusion. Invisalign or clear aligners are unique as they don’t require brackets or wires. Instead, they employ several plastic aligners customized according to your teeth. They are easy to replace or remove during the prescribed treatment period. Typical cases will require anywhere from 18 to 30 aligners for achieving the desired results.

Damon braces:

Damon braces are a variation of conventional metal braces. Self-litigating metal wires usually made from titanium or stainless steel are used to attach the metal brackets. This eliminates the need for elastic bands which implies that you do not have to experience the discomfort which is usually faced after every visit to the orthodontist. This orthodontic treatment in Lahore is very useful in severe malocclusion and is relatively quick compared to other treatments.

Teeth Braces in Pakistan:

Pakistan is home to top-class dental clinics and orthodontic treatment centres. Many top colleges in Pakistan produce world-class dentists and orthodontists. Nearly all types of teeth braces are available in Pakistan at a range of teeth braces prices. These include the traditional metal braces or fixed braces, invisible or removable plastic braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, and self-ligating braces. Many dental services such as Rahman & Rahman, Cantt dental clinic, and numerous others provide different braces treatment in Lahore and elsewhere in Pakistan. You can get your teeth checked by any good orthodontist in Lahore who can identify which type of teeth braces suit you best. You can also avail of the services of an emergency orthodontist if u need urgent help. There are numerous dental clinics in the country and you can also use medical websites & applications to refine your search for the best orthodontist.

Some important questions:

Is there a suitable age for braces?

Although people of all ages can benefit from braces, however the quickest response to orthodontic treatment has been witnessed in children between the ages of 9 to 14 years. This is because the jaw bone is still growing and is much softer than in adults. Ideally, you should never ignore a dental issue and if you have any of the symptoms we have mentioned above, you should see an orthodontist right away. If you have children, it is best to get their teeth checked at an early age, even if you believe there is nothing wrong with their teeth.

  • Preparation for getting your braces

Dental treatments are usually perceived by people as uncomfortable and scary. Although an expert dentist or orthodontist will do his best to minimize discomfort in some severe cases the patient might feel a little more than ordinary pain. You should follow the below-mentioned tips before getting braces.

  • Prepare yourself mentally

In many cases, fixation of teeth braces may require numerous sessions and each session may or may not be tough. Depending on the severity of the complication, orthodontic treatments may last up to three years. Prepare your brain for the long and tedious task. One way to encourage yourself is to remind yourself of the benefits of braces, for instance, you will look much better with properly aligned teeth.

  • Get the right dental supplies

Braces usually require regular clean-up to ensure there is no build-up of plaque or tar on your teeth as well as your braces. You require simple but high-quality tools such as toothpaste, toothbrush, orthodontic wax, floss, and mouthwash.

  • Tolerate the discomfort

You can use low to mild strength pain killers and home remedies to minimize your pain after every session. Please follow your orthodontic’s instructions when it comes to using painkillers.

  • Maintain immaculate oral hygiene

Keep your teeth clean at all times. A good practice is to brush your teeth before breakfast and after dinner. You should also make it a habit to gargle your teeth after you are done eating.

  • Consume healthy diet

Avoid drinks such as fizzy drinks or items with food colour. It is also best to avoid chocolate and candy or anything which requires excessive force to chew. That is easier said than done, so if you do consume any such thing, make sure to clean your mouth right away.

  • Choose your sports activities carefully

Some sports activities may be riskier for you if you have braces. That does not mean you cannot take part in any sport. However, you can guard your mouth by wearing a helmet if you are into sports like cricket or hockey.

How to get the right braces for yourself in Pakistan?

See the right Orthodontist

The first most important step is to see the right Orthodontist. There are countless options available in Pakistan. Some charge extortionate prices while some seem too cheap. Do not just look at the price. If you have identified an orthodontist or a dental clinic, do some research about them. Read their profiles and review them. Many reviews can now be found online on healthcare websites and apps on your smartphone.

What will your Orthodontist do?


A good orthodontist will not jump to conclusions without conducting proper tests. These tests can include but will not be limited to:

Oral examination: A complete visual and physical check-up will be carried out by the orthodontist.

X-rays: The orthodontist may ask you to get a proper X-ray of your mouth to identify any hidden problems as well as teeth alignment. Some orthodontists have portable X-ray devices which can take a digital X-ray right away.

Plaster models: Dental casts or plaster models are created to check your bite. The impressive cast is thoroughly evaluated manually as well as digitally if required.

Are braces successful?

Braces have been in use since antiquity. Although people may choose braces for several reasons including improved appearance, however, research has shown that braces are an effective solution for numerous orthodontic treatments. It has also been established that the sooner you get them the better.

Are braces painful?

Depending on your orthodontic issue and the type of braces you get, the pain you feel can vary in intensity as well as duration. Regardless of which one you get, you may feel uncomfortable after every session. The type of braces you have will also decide the frequency of the required visits to the orthodontist.

Braces cost in Pakistan

Your braces cost is dependent on the type of braces you have been advised but that is not the only cost you will have to bear. The entire orthodontic treatment cost will include the cost of braces as well as the cost of all the sessions which will be required throughout the length of your treatment. When it comes to Pakistan, teeth braces prices for lingual and invisible braces are higher than other types of braces. It’s the same with most of the other countries. Metallic braces are usually the least costly, followed by ceramic, invisible, and lingual. Your teeth braces cost will also vary according to the expertise & fame of the orthodontist you choose.

Does health insurance cover braces?

Most of the corporate offices, public or private companies, do not offer health coverage for several dental problems including orthodontics. Neither are these services offered by most of the reliable insurance companies in the country.

Final Word

Teeth braces are an essential orthodontic. For both medical and aesthetical reasons, they have become an imperative tool in dental treatment. The choice of the best braces depends on your dental condition as well as your personal preferences. Countless options are available in Pakistan and there are numerous dental clinics providing these services across the country. Make sure to conduct sufficient research before you select your orthodontist.